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Writed by - Andy Gocker
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by Rebecca Schindler

Ten years ago, when he first appeared on TV as a real estate agent on “mieten,kaufen,wohnen”, he became Marcel Remus (36) smiled at by many. But in the meantime he has asserted himself, made a name for himself on the sunny island - and achieved a damn high turnover last year. He spoke to RTL about his fortune, his secret of success and his personal living situation, which is admittedly surprising.

Marcel Remus: 'Other colleagues smiled at me'

The Corona after-effects can still be felt in many companies. Profits collapsed, customer bases broke away. Not so with one: Marcel Remus is emerging stronger from the Corona crisis and made sales of 6.8 million euros in 2022 alone, as he tells RTL. His secret of success? The five A's: Everything different from all the others! That means: “Authenticity and transparency. There is no real estate agent who does it like me: I share a lot of real estate offers on social media, do house tours on YouTube, put up large advertising posters in Palma. Other colleagues smiled at me and mocked me. But during Corona it was the best platform and afterwards everyone came to me and I sold a lot of houses and villas, ”he reveals.

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He now feels a little like one of the protagonists of 'Selling Sunset' - just that he sells his properties on Mallorca. At the same time, he remains down to earth. “I don't actually live in a large villa, as many people assume, but on 68 square meters. Right on the beach and with a view of the sea, but not super luxurious. Personally, just a bed and a bathtub would be enough for me,” he explains.

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Instead of investing his money in luxury items like expensive cars, he buys houses or apartments that he then rents out. For him the best investment method. “I only have an SUV Porsche that I use to go to appointments. When it comes to deals worth millions, it's hard for me to drive up with a rattletrap. And I have a Rolex. Otherwise, I spend most of my money on travel,” says Remus. But even that he sees as an investment: 'I recently met a guy by the pool who later became my client and bought one of my properties.'

SHE is Marcel Remus' best employee

His mother Silke supports him in his real estate activities. She occasionally deputizes for him on property viewings and takes care of the bookkeeping. 'I love working with my mom. It simply looks better for customers when a family member comes - and not just any employee. We have a great relationship of trust not only privately, but also professionally,” he enthuses.

Well then, we're curious to see what sales Marcel Remus will bring in this year.

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