X Factor winner Mrs. Greenbird shocks her fans: 'I had my right leg amputated'


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 Band Mrs. Greenbird
Sarah and Steffen make music together as Mrs.Greenbird and are now even married. © X Factor Kandidaten Live Show

In 2012, Sarah and her current husband Steffen won as “Mrs. Greenbird' the third season of the talent show X Factor'. Now she's causing a stir with shocking news on Instagram. She admits to her fans: 'I had my right leg amputated'. But how is she now? And what's next for your band?

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Sarah went through 'over 40 operations'.

According to Sarah's statement on Instagram, the amputation came as no surprise to her. 'It's certainly shocking for you, but I had time to prepare,' writes the singer. “There is a very long story behind it and meanwhile more than 40 surgeries.” She does not reveal exactly which story that is.

 Sarah from"Mrs. Greenbird" zeigt sich auf Instagram nach der Amputation ihres rechten Beins.
Sarah from 'Mrs. Greenbird' shows up on Instagram after having her right leg amputated. © Instagram/MrsGreenbirdofficial

Despite the bad news, her fans shouldn't worry about her. 'But I'm doing really well given the circumstances. Only my body still has to heal a bit and it will still be some time before I can start fitting a prosthesis,” explains Sarah.

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She wishes: 'Please be completely impartial'

Despite this difficult change, Sarah wants to be back on stage in a few days. 'After all, music is the best medicine!', She writes and wishes from her fans: 'Please be completely impartial. I am too.'

The next concerts of the music duo should take place despite their difficult operation. (lra)

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