Zac Efron reveals why his face suddenly looks so different


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Zac Efron: That's behind his changed look

In a video clip from April 2021, Zac Efron (34) amazed his fans with his changed face. In the Instagram clip he took for Earth Day, fans noticed the acting hottie's cheeks looked swollen. His chin and jaw also seemed changed. It was quickly speculated that the 'High School Musical' star had undergone cosmetic surgery. Now, finally, Zac Efron reveals the reason for the visual change in an interview with

Out and about in socks - broken jaw!

Zac Efron gives everything for his film roles. A well-trained body is required for many of them. The actor works hard for this. Only recently did he admit that the hard training for the film 'Baywatch' had plunged him into a severe depression . Another consequence of his training sessions are various injuries. Whether it's a cruciate ligament tear, a dislocated back or a broken wrist, Zac Efron has suffered many sports injuries.

An injury is also said to be responsible for his changed facial features in 2021 – however, it did not come from sport, but was a classic household accident. In an interview with '' he now admitted that an unfortunate slip on socks at home was the reason. As he fell, he hit his chin against the corner of a well. He broke his jaw in the process.

'The chewing muscles just grew'

 Zac Efron
Zac Efron in der Netflix-Serie 'Down To Earth With Zac Efron' © imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection, SpotOn

After breaking his jaw, the actor had to relearn how to chew. Actually, the masticatory muscles and other facial muscles work in harmony 'like a symphony,' the actor told But because of the broken jaw, he had to chew differently than usual. The muscles on the inside of his face and jaw should have compensated.

“The chewing muscles just grew. They just got very, very big,' said the Hollywood star. That affected his appearance at the time. Thanks to physiotherapy, however, he was able to get the problems under control. In the meantime, his appearance has returned to normal. However, it took time to make Zac Efron look the way his fans remembered him.

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