'Zugebotoxt': Oliver Pocher pulls over ex-girlfriend Monica Ivancan


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  ARCHIVE - May 7th, 2020, Lower Saxony, Hanover: The comedian Oliver Pocher is on the stage in the drive-in cinema on Schützenplatz. (to dpa"Oliver Pocher nach Attacke in Boxhalle: Fürchte irreparable Schäden") Foto: Ole Spata/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++
Comedian Oliver Pocher pulls at his ex. © dpa, Ole Spata, ole axs where sab

Meeting a former love in public can be bizarre, embarrassing or even hair-raising. Also Oliver Pocher (44) had to experience this now. During his visit to Oktoberfest 2022 he ran into three ex-girlfriends at the same time – and the chance meetings could hardly have been more different. In his podcast he has now revealed why he is extremely disappointed by Monica Ivancan, but which lady totally surprised him.

From 2005 to 2009, you gave Oli Pocher Monica Ivancan

  Comedian Oliver Pocher and his girlfriend, actress Monica Ivancan, pictured at the after-show party of the German Comedy Prize on October 10, 2006 in Cologne. Photo: Heinz Unger dpa +++(c) dpa - Report+++
Oliver Pocher and Monica Ivancan during their relationship. © picture-alliance/ dpa, Heinz Unger

For four years (2005 - 2009). Monica Ivancan the woman at Oliver Pocher's side, for a simple 'Hello' it doesn't seem to be enough for a number of years after the separation. At the Wiesn 2022 she is said to have deliberately ignored her ex. Something that totally goes against the grain of the comedian: 'Maybe she had a stroke or can't talk properly,' he rushes furiously in his podcast, before becoming even more abusive: 'Or is just so botoxed that the lips are no longer move properly.” Yes, Olli obviously doesn't like ignorance at all. From this he concludes on the one hand 'immaturity' and 'insecurity', but also the fact that Monica probably never completely got over the separation. 'Strangely enough, I have the feeling that the sting is deeper in her than vice versa.'

For real? After all, Monica Ivancan has long been in safe hands again . In 2015 she gave the yes word to financial entrepreneur Christian Meier, the two have two children together and live a scandal-free and quiet life away from the limelight.

Sabine Lisicki was Oli Pocher's girlfriend until 2016

  German tennis player Sabine Lisicki (R) and comedian Oliver Pocher pose on the red carpet at the arrival for the awarding of Germany's Athlete of the Year 2013 in Baden-Baden, southwestern Germany, on December 15, 2013. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS KIENZLE
Oliver Pocher and Sabine Lisicki were a couple for 2 years. © AFP/Getty Images, THOMAS KIENZLE

So while Olli was annoyed about Ex Monica, it was his former love Sabine Lisicki who could cause spikes in his good mood scale. The two had a good chat and exchanged ideas at the Wiesn: 'It was the first time in years that we saw each other again. I found that very confident and very good,” he praises.

Olli and the tennis player were a couple from 2014 to 2016 before she drew the line.

Olli Pocher in love happiness

Incidentally, Olli's current wife Amira Pocher can't hold a candle to either Monica or Sabine. After their wedding in October 2019, they welcomed two young sons into the world together.

The pair not only make a perfect duo in public, but are also the best proof that patchwork can work perfectly. Oli has three other children from his previous marriage to Alessandra Meyer-Wölden – daughter Nayla Alessandra and the twins Elian and Emanuel.

In the video, Olli is eating with ex Alessandra and the kids

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Incidentally, Oli's current wife and his ex-wife should be of the same heart and soul after initial difficulties and pull together for the big family. It doesn't get any better! (cch)

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